What you will learn:

This class prepares you and your partner for birth in an intimate class setting both online and in-person. The first three sessions cover theory and are held online. The last two sessions are taught in one, full-day, in-person class. With interactive tasks in all five sessions, you have the chance connect with other expecting parents. 

5 sessions, 5 modules:

1. Birth Mindset
2. Physiological Birth (The Birth Process)
3. The German Birthcare System (Understanding Complications and Interventions)
4. Breathe, Movement, and Massage (and how partners can be supportive)
5. Immediate Postpartum

The content of the class weaves in elements of various labor support techniques from well-known organisations while focusing on understanding the German birth system and how to communicate your preferences and needs with your German care providers.

Total number of class hours: 12 (6 hours online, 6 hours in-person**)
**subject to the current COVID restrictions

Class Dates & Times

Tuesday evenings: live online sessions  

March 7, 14, 21 from 19:00-21:00

PLUS All-day Saturday: in-person session 

March 25 from 10:00 – 17:00

I suggest parents start this class around Week 28 of pregnancy and plan to complete it by Week 38. Therefore, this class fits well for parents expecting their babies in April, May, June & July 2023.


  • Is the class online or in-person?

    This class is a mix of online and in-person sessions, all live with the same course instructor. The material is presented in an interactive, engaging, and exploratory way. The first three sessions are online and cover more information-based topics that are effectively conveyed and learned in the online medium. The last two sessions are in-person on one day and involve hands-on activities and interactions with the other participating couples. All five sessions allow you to ask questions and connect with other expecting parents to form supportive relationships.

  • Will the class fee be covered by my insurance?

    The Womb Room and course instructors can not directly bill your insurance company for the class fee. Upon completion of the course, participants receive a certificate that they can submit to their insurance provider for full or partial reimbursement for both the pregnant person and their partner. It is best to contact your insurance provider and/or consult your written insurance policy, as reimbursement varies for each insurance provider. Some insurance providers also offer a yearly stipend that can be used for health-related classes of your choice which can be used as an alternative to cover all or part of the class fee. Please also consider the value of this class regardless of insurance coverage. In a total of 12 hours, this class covers essential information about birth as it also specifically applies to the experience in Munich and Germany. This information is complemented by emotional exploration, relaxation techniques, and community building. A great value for the price!

  • When in my pregnancy should I take this class?

    I suggest parents start this class around Week 28 of pregnancy and plan to complete it by Week 38. Therefore, this class fits well for parents expecting their babies in April, May, June & July 2023.



from Italy

“This course opened my mind to all this knowledge and I feel ready to read all the books I bought during pregnancy! My partner is so much more connected to the whole birth process now, I feel the course even had a bigger impact on him than me.”


from Spain

“I would 100% recommend the course for soon-to-be new parents. I found every single session well prepared, well structured and very informative. The most valuable part of the course is, without a doubt, Darby. She is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable and has so much to offer in every single topic, and has this genuine interest in anything you have to say.”

Arnie & Agastya

from Indonesia

“This class is especially helpful for first-time parents who are not really accustomed to giving birth in Germany. We got a lot of useful information specific for giving birth in Germany. We could have tried to find the information ourselves but it would be more difficult and intimidating especially since we are still learning German. We also think that Darby took her time to prepare all the materials, all the information is presented in such detailed yet easily-understandable way.”

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"Preparing for Birth in Germany" - SPRING 2023

Learn with Doula Darby

"Because I support a diversity of parents, I teach a wide variety of approaches to giving birth. I start with the foundation of understanding physiological birth and then build on that understanding to provide insights to the medical care available in Germany and how to identify evidence-based practices. Participants in my class learn to recognize early signs of labor and warning signs, when to seek their chosen birth location, and how to practice and use relaxation techniques to master contractions. My goal with this class is to support the birther and their partner to believe in their innate ability to give birth so that they enjoy the birth experience!"